Riello Master Plus MHT 160 UPS

Riello Master Plus MHT 160 UPS

160kVA 3P+N
0.99PF, 400 Vac, 50Hz
96% Efficiency between 20% - 100% Load
Powershield3 lite shutdown and monitoring software is included.

Power Factor 0.99
Power Rating 160.00(kVA)
Mount Type Tower
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Riello Master Plus MHT 160 UPS Product Overview

Weight (net):800.00kg
Weight (gross):800.00kg

160kVA Master HP Riello High Efficiency Master Plus is a fully enclosed, freestanding, on-line static Uninterruptible Power Supply Module.

 The module incorporates integral static and manually operated bypass switches, enabling the system to be electrically isolated without disruption to the load to the load.

This Uninterruptible Power Supply provides robust power protection and galvanic isolation. The UPS has an IGBT-based rectifier and DSP (Digital Signal Processors) technology. This UPS is suitable for power capacitive loads such as blade servers, from 0.9 leading to 0.8 lagging

The Master HP has the ability to monitor the mains input quality and to select the best operating mode based on the interference present (Smart Active mode) or circular redundancy (Parallel Energy Saving mode), allowing the UPS to regulate available capacity based on immediate load demands, automatically switching to standby in the event of excess capacity).

Using IGBT rectifier with an Input Power Factor of 0.99, THDi less than 2.5% and high efficiency of up to 96% (model dependant) for loads between 20% to 100%. Powershield3 lite shutdown and monitoring software is included.

The Master HP range guarantees power quality and maximum resilience for attached devices.

Battery Autonomy

BB 1900 480-K1

BB 1900 480-K1

90A/hr. 480V 10 Year Design Life Battery Extension Pack with isolator.Riello battery cabinet for the Master range of UPS devices, available with either 5 or 10 year life batteries.

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