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SPMht 400

SPMht 400

400kVA 3P+N0.99PF, 400 Vac, 50Hz96% Efficiency between 20% - 100% LoadPowershield3 lite shutdown and monitoring software is included.

Power Factor 0.9
Power Rating 400.00(kVA)
Mount Type Tower
UPS Technology Online Double Conversion
Input Socket Hardwired

MHT 400 Product Overview

Weight (net):1700.00kg
Weight (gross):0.00kg

400kVA Master HPThe MASTER MPS range has been enhanced with the HP series available from 100 to 600kVAMASTER HP Series provides maximum protection and power quality for data centres and industrial loads. The UPS has an IGBT-based rectifier, DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology and provides true On-line, double conversion power protection, (VFI SS 11 - Voltage and Frequency Independent in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3).The HP series provides exceptional operating efficiency (over more conventional thyristor rectifier-based systems), a compact footprint and easy maintenance access - all ideal for today�s critical operating environments.

Battery Autonomy

BB 1900 480-K1

BB 1900 480-K1

90A/hr. 480V 10 Year Design Life Battery Extension Pack with isolator.Riello battery cabinet for the Master range of UPS devices, available with either 5 or 10 year life batteries.

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