Secure Power provides the best generator solutions from the most well-known manufacturers, some of which are Scania, Perkins, Deutz, Volvo and many others.



A generator is an excellent choice to accompany your UPS, as it provides extended power runtime for critical building application such as IT systems. UPS are typically used for providing clean power to electronic equipment and prolonging their lifespan. In the event of a blackout, UPS only provide power for a short period of time. For this reason, a generator is a perfect companion to a UPS, as it is able to provide power for a long duration.

Secure Power only supplies generators that are quality approved and tested here in the UK. This ensures that all of our generators are of the highest quality as they meet full international warranty, are CE-compliant, and it even exceeds European Standards on one metre sound attenuation.


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Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is a local government body responsible for coordinating transport services through Greater Manchester. This means that the organisation needs to be protected from any possible power cuts or disturbances because without power TfGM wouldn't be able to control transportation which would lead to chaos.

That's why TfGM chose Secure Power for their emergency power solution, as they needed an expert’s advice and someone to deliver the project on time. This means that Secure Power needed to provide enough backup power for three days which consisted of fitting new UPS, changing batteries on existing UPS, and installing a generator on TfGM roof.

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