Managed Services

Secure Power’s Managed Services scheme provides customers with security and reliability regarding critical backup power infrastructure.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Secure Power’s Managed Services scheme provides customers with security and reliability regarding critical backup power infrastructure. The Managed Services encompasses the supply of the infrastructure, the installation, commissioning, and maintenance over a fixed term. The Managed Services ensures that the critical UPS or generator equipment is always maintained and supported with the utmost technical and professional advice.

Key Benefits

Budgets: With a Managed Services option monthly billing is a standard fixed charge over a 3 or 5-year term. This cost can be accounted for on the operational expenditure for a business, opposed to a lump sum on a capital expenditure. This helps businesses with cash flow and budget forecasting when analysing infrastructure requirements and costings.

Downtime: Our 24/7 technical support line and our strict SLA agreements the business downtime in the event of an emergency is minimal. The technical support provides immediate troubleshooting to fault find issues in a timely manner. Downtime for any business is a critical concern, a Managed Services solution limits risk for any organisation.

Scheduled Maintenance: Secure Power’s maintenance team provide a scheduled maintenance plan that ensures all the critical infrastructure is managed, serviced and reported. The reporting identifies any potential faults, recommendations and future upgrades meaning that a business can plan for the future.

Comprehensive Reporting: The maintenance team provide comprehensive reporting after the annual servicing which is included in the Managed Services package. The reporting illustrates recommendations and identifies any risks, and this provides a complete review of the enterprise infrastructure. The reporting allows key personnel to understand their infrastructure to make informed strategic decisions for the present day and the future.

Improved Security: Backing up your critical infrastructure is key to network security and the security of operations. A Managed Services option provides the customer with immediate assistance, a safety backup plan and a single source of contact for protected infrastructure information.

Remote Monitoring: Monitoring solutions can be added to the Managed Services package so that we can advise and proactively respond to any potential problems. This service provides the customer with an additional amount of cover relating to data and response times on their infrastructure.

Product Reliability: Secure Power is a partner with the leading manufacturers in the emergency power industry, meaning we only supply high-quality products and install genuine manufacturers parts. Our support from the manufacturers is excellent due to our ongoing positive relationships and proactive management, this ensures a great service to the end customer.

The Managed Service Package

How Managed Services Differ from the Break-Fix Method

The break-fix method waits for systems, servers or other critical networking devices to fail or break before an action takes place. Managed Services, on the other hand, seek to prevent issues prior to them interrupting management, employees, and general business operations. Managed Services ensures a proactive approach to managing critical infrastructure by preparing for a possible IT outage or a huge issue that could bring about a negative impact on business operations.

Pricing Structure

Generally, a flat-rate monthly pricing system is billed from a third party finance company. The pricing includes all the items in the Managed Services package. A 3 and 5-year option is available. The cost is made up of the product cost, installation cost, maintenance cost, and including all the other additional services. Depending upon the type of finance offered an arrangement can be made for quarterly payments, lump sum payments and options to buy the materials at the end of the finance term.