UPS Battery Services

Secure Power offers a comprehensive range of battery services, delivered by trained and certified engineers, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

UPS Battery Services

UPS Battery Services

Secure Power offers a comprehensive range of battery services, delivered by trained and certified engineers, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

When managed proactively, you will avoid unplanned downtime, reduce costs, improve efficiency and protect your UPS from unexpected failure.

Frequently examining your UPS batteries will help maximise their life expectancy, identify defective cells, and reduce risk.

Our commitment is to provide value through offering leading battery products and services at competitive prices, ensuring an unprecedented high standard of customer service delivery.

UPS Battery Maintenance

The most common cause of UPS failures is the deterioration of battery cells. If batteries are not replaced, a weak or faulty battery could compromise the integrity of your backup power system and leave you unprotected.

Secure Power’s on-site testing examines battery performance and includes the following assessments:

  • Individual cell condition
  • Battery capacity
  • Battery Life expectancy
  • Environmental checks

Additionally, our other services include battery impedance and load bank testing, which can be included as part of your UPS battery service.

UPS Battery Maintenance

Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

UPS batteries contain toxic chemicals and if mishandled or disposed of incorrectly, can be dangerous and environmentally damaging. Adhering to the current regulations put in place by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling directive is vital. Here at Secure Power, we manage the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of batteries in accordance with the current hazardous waste regulations.

As a registered carrier, we can assure you that not only do we fully comply with regulations, we are also a company with a conscience. We believe it is our responsibility to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can and disposing of batteries safely and correctly is a step in the right direction in protecting the environment from any hazardous risks.

Unlike any other company in the UK, we offer a rebate on all batteries recycled through us.

UPS Battery Replacement

The majority of UPS batteries have a 5 or 10-year design life, but performance generally starts to deteriorate well in advance of this. Therefore, UPS battery replacement should be planned and completed at the appropriate time in their design life. This approach is more efficient preventing the risk of further damaging failures.

Secure Power partner with a wide range of battery manufacturers including CSB, Exide, Fiamm and Yuasa. With over 10 years of experience in battery replacement for UPS systems, you can be rest assured that we can support you. Not only that, we also offer a fully comprehensive battery replacement service for all makes and models of UPS. Our team of expertly trained engineers perform to the highest possible standard and will include the following tasks as part of their assignment:

  • Arrange site survey to fully understand customers requirement
  • Produce site specific risk assessment and method statement
  • Assess potential site risks and hazards before works commence
  • Inspect batteries for any damage, splits or leaks
  • Install and connect new batteries and links
  • Voltage test battery terminals and record the results
  • Isolate and remove existing batteries from site for correct disposal (Hazardous waste transfer note provided)
  • Provide battery service report on completion
UPS Battery Replacement

Battery Testing

Battery Testing

Batteries are an essential component of any electrical device, hence the need for routine battery testing and maintenance at cell level.

The most frequent causes of unplanned outages include; battery blocks reaching a premature end of life, batteries beginning to fail- causing an imbalance that adversely affects the life of the other batteries in the string, or a single bad cell, which could compromise your entire back up power system leaving you without protection.

It is critical to have your batteries tested annually to run a smooth and successful power protection system.

Battery Impedance Testing

Battery Impedance testing is a proven way of identifying early signs of depreciation or weakness in individual cells.

These issues start to develop over a period of time as the battery cells get older. In order to reduce the likelihood of complete failure, we recommend batteries are examined and tested every 6-12 months.

Regular testing will allow you accumulate battery data so you can accurately forecast end of life projection and replace as and when necessary.

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is usually carried out as part of the UPS commissioning or planned maintenance visit. Our highly skilled engineers will test the UPS under load conditions to examine each unit’s integrity and resilience.

This will help determine the capacity of each battery string to establish which cells are performing well and which cells are approaching the end of their working life.

Preserving the Life of UPS Batteries

When it comes to preserving the life of UPS batteries, temperature plays a key role. Room temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. In fact, every 8 C rise in temperature could cut battery life in half. Another key factor to consider is the location of your UPS. Avoiding high-moisture areas and allowing at least 2 inches of space either side will ensure the UPS has appropriate airflow.

Performing regular UPS battery maintenance checks is crucial when it comes to the operation of your UPS. As part of our battery maintenance services, we undertake a visual inspection on all batteries, terminals and connectors.


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