UPS Battery Disposal

UPS Battery Disposal is an essential part of managing your UPS equipment. UPS Batteries typically need replacing on average every 4-5 years. Many companies recognise this, but forget to make plans for the disposal of their UPS batteries once they have reached the end of their life. For large operations it is essential that prior plans for UPS battery disposal are made, to ensure the decommissioning and new installation go smoothly.

UPS Battery Disposal
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UPS Battery Disposal For The Environment

Secure Power can dispose of a companies old UPS batteries in an environmentally and friendly way. In an ideal scenario, we can carry out the installation of new batteries, and then simply take the old batteries away on the same visit. When we dispose of the batteries, you will be provided with all the necessary documentation.

UPS Battery Disposal Charges

Companies are often charged for the removal of batteries, which can easily be avoided by setting up a plan with us.

UPS Battery Disposal Process

Contact your regional sales manager, or phone us directly to arrange disposal.

Arrange either pickup or courier details with the Secure Power representative and documentation.

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