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All business's look to expand and grow which can lead to require a larger and more corporate premises, where the need for a UPS / Generator protection plan remains if not increases.

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UPS Relocation Requirements

Secure Power can project manage all of your relocation requirements of existing UPS / Generator to your new premises with minimum disruption and at a time scale which suits the client.

At Secure Power we look to work with the client to provide options to minimize the risks and smooth this important and often stressful process. Whatever the circumstances we will provide you with the most cost effective and non invasive solution to your individual situation with minimum down time.

UPS Relocation Services

Services Include:-

  • Full safe strip down of battery systems and racking
  • Decommissioning of UPS and Generators
  • Full strip down of PDU's and outgoing distribution networks
  • UPS disposal to environment agency guidelines
  • Re-installation, re-commissioning of UPS, generators, final power distribution and battery systems
  • Manpower and haulage supplied for all equipment delivery and positioning

Of course these works need to pre-planned and managed with great care in order for a smooth and problem free transition and may require overnight working over a number of weekends working to strict time scales.

If you require any more information please contact us.

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