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As part of the supply of a new UPS or Generator from Secure Power why not let us install it as well. We will provide our expert advice and design an installation which will integrate the UPS or Generator into your existing site infrastructure.

UPS System Design
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UPS System Design Factors

There are a number of key factors that can be overlooked by general electrical contractors, the simple fact is that your UPS / Generator is the single most important thing to a business as it keeps all of your most important equipment up and running and protected during a power failure, which means it needs to be installed 100% correctly first time.

UPS System Design Key Areas

Key areas which make every installation different are as follows:-

  • Budget
  • Impact to business on loss of load
  • Future growth of the business
  • Geographical area
  • Available power in the building
  • Space & Weight constraints

For example if a business has a large budget, regular power outages and that power going off is not an option then N+1 resiliency would be the way forward as it has no single point of failure so there is very little chance of the UPS failing.

UPS System Design Services

Secure Power offer a full survey, design, project management, installation, commissioning & maintenance of all UPS / Generator Systems, our engineers are trained to install and commission all UPS Systems so there is no need to have multiple engineers onsite as we can do it all.

If you would still prefer to use your own electrical contract this is not a problem, we can provide them with engineering assistance on request to ensure the works are done in accordance with current regulations.

Secure Power can cater for the following:-

  • AC Power Installations & Final Circuit Power Distribution
  • DC Power Installations
  • AC Generator & Changeover Panels
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Conditioning

Should you require any other service which is not shown above please don't hesitate to contact us.

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