Riello Net Power NPW 800 UPS

Riello Net Power NPW 800 UPS

800VA Line-Interactive UPS4x IEC C13 OutputLED Status PanelUSB Connection

Power Factor 0.60
Power Rating 0.80(kVA)
Mount Type Tower
UPS Technology Line-Interactive
Input Socket C14
Output Sockets (C13) 4

Riello Net Power NPW 800 UPS Product Overview

Weight (net):6.20kg
Weight (gross):6.20kg

The NetPower series includes the 600-2000VA models and uses digital Line Interactive (VI) technology.The load is powered from the mains through an AVR to stabilise brownout, sag and surge voltages, and EMI filters to suppress spikes and transients. When the mains fails, the load is powered by the inverter with a pseudo sinewave to provide sufficient runtime for computer system shutdown using the PowerShield3.

Net Power is a line interactive UPS system protecting computers, peripherals, and home entertainment equipment against both power failures and mains fluctuations.

Available in a power range of 600-2000 VA, it provides additional protection thanks to sophisticated automatic voltage stabilisation technology which filters the mains supply.

The built in Cold Start feature enables the UPS to be turned on without the need for mains supply. This single-phase line interactive UPS offers battery backup in case of power failure, as well as safeguarding against unstable mains supply by balancing out any sags, surges, or brownouts.

A built in battery testing enhances overall system reliability. While this plug and play tower-style unit is suitable for installation on a desktop, shelves, or floor.

Stabilisation and filtering of the mains power supply using AVR and EMI filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances. These Riello Uninterruptible Power Supplies will Auto Re-start (when mains power is restored, after the discharging of the batteries).

Battery Autonomy

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