Riello Sentinel Dual SDL 4000 UPS

Riello Sentinel Dual SDL 4000 UPS

4000VA Online UPSLCD Display Panel2x IEC C13 Outputs1x IEC C19 OutputsC20 Input

Power Factor 0.00
Input Voltage Range 164:276(V)
Supply Rating (min) 16(A)
Maximum Input Current 16(A)
Rated Current (output A) 17(A)
Power Rating 4.00(kVA)
Mount Type Rack/Tower
Rack Height 4(U)
UPS Technology Online Double Conversion
Input Socket C20
Frequency 50/60(Hz)
Output Sockets (C13) 2
Output Sockets (C19) 1

Riello Sentinel Dual SDL 4000 UPS Product Overview

Weight (net):40.00kg
Weight (gross):40.00kg

The Sentinel Dual (High Power) range of Riello Uninterruptible Power Supplies is available in 3.3-4-5-6-8-10kVA single-phase models and 6.5-8-10kVA three-phase/single-phase models, with on-line double conversion (VFI) technology.The Sentinel Dual range may be placed directly on the floor or mounted in 19-inch rackmount cabinets such as the Multi Shelter range.

In terms of technology this range of Riello Uninterruptible Power Supplies features (selectable On-line, Economy and Smart Active operating modes), and diagnostics such as the digital display, RS232 and USB interfaces, network adaptor card option and PowerShield software included. Sentinel Dual Riello UPS (High Power) is easily the best solution for protecting "mission critical" applications such as  security, IT systems or electro-medical devices requiring the highest levels of reliability from a Riello UPS..

Its double conversion technology ensures a stable, filtered high quality output voltage even with non linear loads.

High quality performance, versatility, and efficiency are just three of the Riello Sentinel Dual SDL 4000 UPS's numerous benefits. Utilising advanced double conversion online technology.

For the most critical environments, extended runtime of up to several hours is achievable either through more powerful battery chargers or the addition of extra battery boxes. Hot swappable, user replaceable batteries ensure easy maintenance. The Sentinel Dual (High Power) range is fully compatible with Riello UPS's PowerShield3 advanced network communications software to enable the seamless and safe shutdown of the connected equipment.

Riello Sentinel Dual SDL (High Power) UPS is suitable for mission critical applications and electro-medical devices. It comes with a range of operating modes Eco Mode, Online Mode, Smart Active Mode, Standby Mode and Frequency Converter Mode. It can be supplied with additional battery boxes to deliver the extended runtime needed.

The inbuilt LCD display provides status and other relevant information.

Battery Autonomy

BB SDL 108-A4

BB SDL 108-A4

Sentinel Dual 7Ahr Battery Extension Pack use with the SDL 3300/4000\nDesigned as a plug and play solution to increase the available run-time on the Sentinel Dual series of UPS products.\nThey include replaceable 5 year design life batteries as standard and are charged directly from the UPS.

Box Qty:1
BC SDL 108-M1

BC SDL 108-M1

Box Qty:1
BC SDL 108-B1

BC SDL 108-B1

Sentinel Dual 38Ahr Battery Extension Pack use with the SDL 330/400

Box Qty:1

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