Riello Vision Dual VSD 2200 UPS

Riello Vision Dual VSD 2200 UPS

2200VA Line Interactive UPS8 x IEC C13 Outputs1x IEC C19 OutputC20 Input

Power Factor 0.00
Input Voltage Range 162:290(V)
Maximum Input Current 10.6(A)
Rated Current (output A) 9.5(A)
Power Rating 2.20(kVA)
Mount Type Rack/Tower
Rack Height 2(U)
UPS Technology Line-Interactive
Input Socket C20
Frequency 50/60(Hz)
Output Sockets (C13) 8
Output Sockets (C19) 1

Riello Vision Dual VSD 2200 UPS Product Overview

Weight (net):28.50kg
Weight (gross):33.00kg

The Vision Dual series, for its connectivity and advanced communications, is the ideal solution for the most demanding customers who require a power supply system that offers superior protection and versatility for the protection of critical loads - floor standing or rackmount servers, network hardware and storage systems.Vision Dual has a modern design, choice of functional formats, and represents the state-of-the-art technology from the Riello UPS research & development team.The UPS can achieve an operating efficiency of 98% and has a output power factor of 0,9.

This versatile line interactive UPS power supply can be configured as either a floor-standing tower or rack mounted for use in 19-inch cabinets.

Designed to offer battery backup to servers, network hardware, and peripherals during power failures, the Riello Vision Dual UPS also has an automatic voltage stabilisation feature to protect against overvoltage, undervoltage, and power surges.

Automatic voltage stabilisation reduces risk of sags, surges, and brownouts. A cold-start capability enables operation without any mains supply. The Riello Vision Dual VSD 2200 UPS provides up to five minutes run time at full load.

This Riello Version Dual VSD UPS is capable of up to 98% efficiency, delivering reduced power consumption, and has an output factor of 0.9 and capable of operating efficiency up to 98%, the Vision Dual range is available in 1100 VA, 1500 VA, 2200 VA, or 3000 VA models and designed to provide backup power in the event of power failure.

When the mains power fails, the internal battery powers the inverter which then supports the load with sufficient runtime to run through most power failures or shutdown systems using Riello's PowerShield3 remote management software.

Other useful features include an emergency power off (EPO) contact enabling remote shutdown during emergencies. Dedicated EnergyShare sockets that encourage load-shedding to increase the battery autonomy to the most critical loads, and a Cold Start function that means the Riello Vision Dual VSD 2200 UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) doesn't need mains electricity to power up.

Its sizeable backlit LCD display panel shows important information about the UPS, battery, and load statuses. The unit is fully-compatible with Riello UPS's sophisticated PowerShield3 network communications software, which enables the safe shutdown of all connected equipment.

Battery Autonomy

BB SDH 72-A3

BB SDH 72-A3

Sentinel Dual 7Ah Battery Extension Pack for use with the SDH2200/3000\nDesigned as a plug and play solution to increase the available run-time on the Sentinel Dual series of UPS products.\nThey include replaceable 5 year design life batteries as standard and are charged directly from the UPS.

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