Liebert PSI 500RT3-230XR UPS

Liebert PSI 500RT3-230XR UPS

Liebert PSI 1500VA (1350W) 230V Rack/Tower UPS XR

Power Factor 0.9
Supply Rating (min) 13(A)
Maximum Input Current 13(A)
Power Rating 1.5(kVA)
Mount Type Rack/Tower
Rack Height 2(U)
UPS Technology Line-Interactive
Input Socket C14
Frequency 60(Hz)
Output Sockets (C13) 6
Output Sockets (C19) 0

Liebert PSI 500RT3-230XR UPS Product Overview

Weight (net):28.00kg
Weight (gross):32.00kg

Liebert PSI 500RT3-230XR UPS is a compact, line-interactive Vertiv UPS system designed especially for IT applications such as network closets and small data centers.

The Liebert PSI is a 2U, line-interactive UPS that  may be installed  in  a rack or  used  as a tower.  UPS.Status indicators on  the front  of the Liebert PSI display load  level, battery level, buck/boost, site-wiring fault  and  battery status.

Controls include a combination ON / Alarm Silence/Manual Self Diagnostic button, an  Off button and a Display Status Change button.

The Liebert PSI has USB, DB-9 (RS-232 /contact closure) and  SNMP interface ports. The DB-9 and USB ports provide detailed operating information including voltages, currents, and  alarm status to the hosts system when used in conjunction with Liebert shutdown  software.

Battery Autonomy

No Battery Information.
Please contact for additional details.